Knowledge Only Breeds Jordan Cell Phone Number Knowledge

Only knowledge can reproduce knowledge, and only knowledge is the mother of knowledge. It is estimated that the knowledge payment industry is expected to have a revenue scale of 32 billion in 2020, and the corresponding platform Jordan Cell Phone Number  profit has the potential of nearly 5 billion. Calculated at a valuation of 30 times this new industry, it is expect to support a company with a market value of 150 billion. I saw this sentence in a technology media today. I agree that “payment for knowledge” reflects people’s strong learning needs. In order to meet such needs, there must be a huge market, but I doubt whether the current product form is the best product to meet people’s learning needs. I would like to talk about a little personal experience by talking about the topic of “learning”.

Only Knowledge Jordan Cell Phone Number Can .

As early as four or five years ago, not long after the famous psychology and economist Daniel Kahneman publish his famous “Thinking: Fast and Slow”, I went to read this book. I read about a third of the content and can understand it Jordan Cell Phone Number  relatively smoothly. But the rest of it was so hard to read that I stopp reading. A year later, I flipp Jordan Cell Phone Number  through the book again, and this time I read it all, and I can understand all the contents of the book more thoroughly. What happen in the past year, so that I can digest this classic with relish? It’s actually quite simple, I’ve read several other books over the course of the year. For example, Dan Ariel’s “Eccentric Behavior”.

As Early as Jordan Cell Phone Number  Four or Five Years Ago.

Jordan Cell Phone Number
Jordan Cell Phone Number

Another example. In order to organize my understanding of learning, I recently read all the books on learning publish in the market in recent years. I read through each book in about an hour, and I can quickly judge which book is Jordan Cell Phone Number  garbage (I won’t say the title of the book). Because before reading these recently publish books, I read: Deliberate Practice, Anders Ericsson The Way of Learning, Barbara Oakley How to Learn Effectively, Scott Young The Art of Deep Learning and Diligence, Copper Mining … From personal experience .

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