Knowing AIDA Formulas in Copywriting

Knowing the AIDA formula in copywriting to increase your business sales turnover is indeed important. In writing copywriting that sells, you need to know AIDA writing techniques first. By using the AIDA formula, you can attract attention, even to the point of making other people take action to buy the products/services you offer.

Writing in this technique requires a lot of consideration and creativity. However, not everyone understands good and interesting writing techniques. For that, you must know the AIDA formula to create  copywriting  that can increase your business sales turnover.


Copywriting with AIDA Formula

AIDA stands for  AttentionInterestDesire , and Action . These four formulas can turn a blank page into writing or content that is captivating, memorable, interesting, and even influencing others after reading the article or content. The consumer phone number lists following, is how to apply the AIDA formula in creating  copywriting content .  

1.   Attention


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One of the studies that SilverPop conducted in 2013, found that someone felt attracted to a piece of content in just 8 seconds.

If you can’t get the reader interested in the first 8 seconds, then the content is considered a failure in conveying a message to the target market.

There are 3 elements that you can use as a factor to attract attention, namely the title, image, and opening sentence.

2.   Interest

There are several elements to achieve the  interest  of potential customers. These include factual information, case studies, statistical data, ideal conditions, and reasons why consumers should believe in what you present in the content.

For example:

  • Able to increase body weight up to 5 kg in less than 1 week.

3.   Desire

At this stage, you must be able to make potential customers really want the product you offer. Desire  is almost similar to  interest , what distinguishes it is desire to play more with emotion and logic by displaying product benefits. But you need to remember that the benefits with features are very different.

For example:

Beauty soap contains niacinemaid to whiten skin

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