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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write content is a shortcut. You don’t have to do the hard work. Does that mean that using AI cannot be part of a sustainable SEO strategy? Will it be bad for your rankings?

Not necessarily. The latest AI tools are actually quite good. They use natural language processing and actually draft readable, findable and optimized texts for the search engines without overdoing it at all. I tried out a couple of tools and was not disappointed at all. My favorite so far (although I haven’t done extensive research yet) is You can do a free trial and see how a text could read. I don’t think these AI-generated texts will hurt your rankings. Japan Phone Number In fact, these tools can actually help you write texts that are nice and easy to read.

Should I use AI to write content?

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Indeed, AI can help you do the work when it comes to writing content. This does not mean, however, that writing is not an important skill, nor that AI can take over writing blog posts altogether. Japan Phone Number Texts written by AI do not provide any original ideas. If you want to write a text about guinea pigs, then the AI tool uses information that’s already out there on the internet to draft a text about guinea pigs. The AI isn’t able to come up with new information about guinea pigs. Perhaps that isn’t a big deal if you write about guinea pigs or if you draft a lot of product descriptions. But, for a lot of websites, original ideas are important.

I always state that high-quality content has three major demands. It should be original, it should be readable and it should be findable. The AI tools can help you make your content more readable and findable. However, your content will not be original if it is written entirely by AI. Writing is a means to get a certain message across. That’s why you should write content because you have a story to tell or a vision to share. It should be more than just some generated information about guinea pigs.

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