It’s The Season To Optimize Search Bids

If you handle paid search marketing and your business is retail, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas probably don’t leave much time for sober reflection. Retail is extremely seasonal, and that’s as true online as it is in-store. Search engine marketers generally understand the pattern, but how they choose to respond to it varies widely.

One answer is simply to go out of season – to assume that competition among retailers. Will intensify over the holidays thereby increasing everyone’s paid search bids, but that otherwise. Competitive patterns will not stray many off-holiday conditions. This approach assumes that during holidays and other key buying seasons. The crucial difference is that of volume. Defending an established search market share will cost more.

But Such A Strategy Overlooks The Increasingly

But such a strategy overlooks the increasingly frequent pattern of market disruptions. A new entrant in Bahrain WhatsApp Number List a given segment can significantly change the landscape. Some retailers, especially new players trying to make their way into the market, are likely to bid more aggressively during seasonal buying peaks, as the stakes are high during these times. They are unlikely to signal their intentions in advance.

Qualitative Changes in the Market Can

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Qualitative changes in the market can happen quickly and unexpectedly, and this becomes more likely as important buying seasons approach. Now is a good time to examine the systems you use to optimize your search bids, to see if they are responsive enough to meet your goals, during the holiday season and beyond.


There are important differences between bid optimization systems. You shouldn’t think of yours simply as a productivity tool, but as a competitive weapon. The tool should allow you to predict the true value of each click and quickly place the right bid to secure that value –


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