It Is Difficult for the Beauty Ireland Cell Phone Number Industry to Connect

With the changes of the times, the concept is constantly being renovate. Although the medical beauty industry has not yet occupie the market on a large scale. In the near future, the medical beauty industry will surely have its Ireland Cell Phone Number own foothold. As we all know, the beauty industry has a large market with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars. As far as nail art is concerne, it has undergone a transformation from early street nail booths. To nail shop chains, to high-end manicures and private nail consultants.  Eyelashes and other services are more subdivide, resulting in 360-degree full-service services such as massage and health care.

With the  Ireland Cell Phone Number Advent of the Mobile.

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the competition in the beauty industry has also shifte from the physical chain competition to the mobile Internet O2O platform, from professional skills competition and service  Ireland Cell Phone Number competition to model competition, platform competition. And capital competition. have the right to speak. However, under the trend that O2O has fully penetrate into various industry segments. The beauty industry is limite by its own characteristics, and it is obviously far behind other industries on the Internet. In the past two years. The O2O platform of the US industry has gradually expose major defects. After 17 years, the industry’s leading Beaver family has little news. And other small beauty industry O2O platforms have almost disappeare.

The Competition Ireland Cell Phone Number in the Beauty.

Ireland Cell Phone Number
Ireland Cell Phone Number

Looking at the close O2O companies, it is not difficult to find that most of them have the same characteristic. When the business model is immature, they will burn money and expand blindly. For example, “Dudu Nail Art”, although it quickly occupie the market and achieve considerable results for a while, but without the support Ireland Cell Phone Number  of follow-up capital, it still cannot escape the fate of being acquire. Dudu manicure with internal and external troubles was force to sell herself 58 to get home Dudu Nail Art was launche in July 2014. It only laste for more than a year, and was force to sell it to 58 Daojia due to internal and external troubles. Internal worries: Platform operating costs are high and burdensome.

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