Internet of Things Smart Lock

Hello, you and I meet at 7:30, are you here? ^_^ Product Manager Daily will continue to bring you today’s latest information: Beijing Telecom announce the commercial use of NB IoT, and ofo share bicycle statement is less than five seconds; WeChat reading is officially Release 2.0 version, online audio content; Taobao will remove iOS recharge-type virtual goods, including proxy recharge\ID recharge; B station customer service responde that a large number of overseas dramas were remove, or due to copyright reasons; SF Express built a large-scale logistics drone headquarters base , will experiment with 3-ton drones; Microsoft officially release a new application Seeing AI, allowing blind people to “see” the world… When the choice of a product incorporates more class factors.

Hello, You and I Meet.

When discussing products and prices with users, more class habits are require, including the language of communication, visual effects, and so on. ——“ Don’t be shy, talking about money with users is not so scary! 》【Product News】 [1] Beijing Telecom announce that the NB IoT commercial share bicycle statement is less than five secondsThis afternoon, China Telecom announce that the new generation of Internet of Things NB-IoT was officially commercialize in Beijing. At the same time, China Telecom, ofo and Huawei jointly release ofo smart bicycles base on NB-IoT technology for commercial use. It is reporte that the NB smart lock project has complete the internal and external field tests in the first half of this year. The closing time of the smart car lock is less than 5 seconds, and the battery can stand by for more than 2 years. At the same time, the problem of access congestion in the busy area of ​​the traditional network is greatly improve.

When Discussing Products.

The NB smart bicycle plan will be launche on a large scale in Beijing in July, and will be promote to the national market one after another. [2] WeChat reading officially release version 2.0, online audio content WeChat Reading has officially release version 2.0, fully launching audio content. In addition to the previously release “WeChat Reading Radio”, a new “Talking” function has been adde, allowing professional lecturers to help readers quickly understand the content of books and further reduce the threshold for reading. This is also the first major version update since WeChat Reading was launche in 2015. Compare with the short audio format of 5-15 minutes, which is mainly base on the anchor reading works, the “Talking” function of WeChat reading is mainly in the form of long audio frequency of 30-40 minutes.

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