Top 2020 Instagram Features That Netizens Don’t Know

Instagram is always innovating to make its users feel more at home in its application. One way is to add the latest Instagram features every year. These features can be useful as the most powerful weapon to be trending and even promote business on Instagram. But unfortunately, the many features that have shot up on Instagram sometimes confuse new users. It is even possible that the features that Instagram launched in 2020 are still little known to users. Therefore, let’s discuss the 2020 Instagram features that not many people know about! What features are still not used by many people?

How to Access the Hashtag Insight Feature in 4 Stages

The features in this article can make users take full advantage of Instagram. So, here are the features that can help users deal with the CL Leads complexities of social media like professional influencers. Fitur Hashtag Insight Many people already know that hashtags are an important part of expanding the reach of content. But it’s a shame if the hashtags that have been listed can’t be tracked . To solve this problem, Instagram launched the Hash Insight feature. This feature is very useful especially for business or project owners . With the launch of this feature, Instagram get nigeria phone number business account users can see the development of a hashtag.

Features of Deleting Instagram Followers


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So, users can see which hashtags were successful and which were not successful for comparison. To use this feature, follow these steps! How to access the Hashtag Insight feature in 4 stages: Go to the Instagram app. Then look for posts or uploads to be analyzed. Find the “hashtag” by scrolling down. Check out the insights from the hashtag Features of Deleting Instagram Followers Unfortunately, in this free digital era, not a few people end up just being annoying. Comments or even posts that are annoying sometimes have an impact on the mental health of users. Instagram has now provided an answer for those who are annoyed by its prank followers. Now, users can delete these followers with the remove followers feature.

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