Instagram Ads Knowing and Understanding

Instagram is one of the favorite social media that is widely used by the public. According to data from, in June 2017 Indonesia was recorded to have 45 million active Instagram users. A data that makes Instagram one of the strategic fields in digital marketing. One of the features in Instagram is Instagram ads. In this article we will discuss and understand how Instagram ads work. Understanding Instagram Ads Instagram Ads is an advertising platform on Instagram social media. We can create ads on Instagram feeds and InstaStories through this platform.

Understanding Instagram Ads

Its superior feature is the form of advertising that looks almost the same as regular photo & video posts which makes it less aggressive like other types of ads on other platforms. After being acquired by Facebook, this feature finally uses the same targeting system as Facebook. This allows us as users to obtain specific user and targeting information, such as from location, age, gender, hobbies, interests, etc. Instagram ads provide several variations such as various ad formats such as images, videos, or carousells. In addition, they also invite their users german telephone numbers to increase engagement, one of which is by having an invitation button such as, follow, visit our website, or download an application.

Important Terms


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Important Terms In Instagram ads, there are many terms that we must understand. This is intended to make it easier for us to understand the use of these features. Here are important terms that we must understand in using this tool. Ads Manager CL Leads Ads Manager is an advertising tool from Facebook that allows us to create and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads. The following are the features available in Ads Manager. Create and run ads Doing targeting Determining the advertising budget See performance ads View summary, history and payment method information. Power Editor Power Editor is an advertising tool from Facebook that they designed for large advertisers who want to create, edit and publish multiple ads at once.

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