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Influencer marketing is an increasingly common tool among. Brands thanks to the promises offered by this. Branch of marketing to connect with audiences. Influencer marketing is an increasingly common. Tool among brands thanks to the promises offered by this branch. Of marketing to connect with audiences. It is enough to cite some numbers related to the growth of Jordan Phone Number List this area. Such as the one released by the influencer marketing. Report referred by forbes which indicates that 66 percent. Of companies carry out influencer marketing strategies. In fact, according to data from burst media, 59 percent of companies. Say they will increase their investment in these types of campaigns in the next twelve months. Given this context it happens that influencer marketing.

Has Been Adopted in Most Consumer Sectors and and Those Are

One in which it has had special development is that. Of cosmetic products we are talking about a market. That at a global level will be around 69 billion dollars. According to projections by trefis com. But, it seems that not all that glitters is gold and influencer. Marketing has a b side that is beginning to unravel. The most recent case that is sparking controversy. Is a video Jordan Phone number posted on youtube by marlena stell. Beauty vlogger and ceo of the makeup company makeup geek. In which she denounces that she has had problems. In the last year because they have not received support. Of influencers because we have not paid them massive amounts of money. That they charge we don’t have 60,000 to pay someone for a video and those are.

Video Titled Truth About Beauty Community Competitor Product

According to the vlogger, when they let influencers know. They can’t pay their fees, they get a response that they. Will stop using their products or talk about them more. She adds that other brands have Jordan Phone Number List joined her complaint. Fbnzrvglmyq in fact kevin james bennett a makeup. Artist with a large presence on social networks. And who has already made similar complaints supported. Stell’s youtube video on instagram publishing a message. In which he accuses having known similar mafia behavior. And affirms that there are influencer management companies. That have requested between 75 and 85 thousand dollars for a. Dedicated negative review of a competitor’s product.

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