Instagram Ads Vs Influencers Which is Better

Instagram Ads Vs Influencers: Which is Better? If you had to choose between Instagram Ads and Influencers, which one would you choose? Influencers have now become one of the options in the strategy to increase the promotion of a brand . Then what is the difference with Instagram Ads? Though both have the same role, namely as a means of promotion. Which one is better in terms of promotion? Let’s find out the difference! Instagram Ads Instagram Ads is one of the features on the Instagram platform that offers interesting features that will help businesses in marketing their products or services. Here are the advantages of Instagram Ads.

Increase Brand Awareness

It can also make it easier for you to find new potential customers or make consumers more loyal to your brand . More Specific Ad Targets Instagram Ads will provide more specific user information because it can do targeting. The information obtained includes demographics, occupation, gender, habits, interests, and so on. Various Ad Formats Available Instagram provides three ad formats, namely images, videos, and multiple images in one post feeds . With these various format options, you can choose the format that suits your needs so that later on you can make how many digits in hong kong phone number potential consumers interested in the products or services you offer. Increase Sales Profit Can have a big enough opportunity to increase sales profit.

Various Ad Formats Available


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This can happen because Instagram users, the majority of whom are millennials, are always looking for any information on social media, especially goods or services. If you have targeted the right potential customers, then you can increase your profit because you have found the right person. Increase Business Website Traffic With Instagram Ads, you CL Leads can enter a link that will direct potential customers to visit your website directly. This can increase your website traffic. Also read : Instagram Ads: Knowing and Understanding Instagram Ads Influencer An influencer is someone who can make a big impact on society. It can be found on various platforms and has millions of followers.

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