Social Media vs Website in the World of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing era creates competition between various digital platforms such as social media vs websites as a means to promote products or services. Actually which platform is the most important and effective in promoting business? Social media or website ? Come on, read this article and find the answer! Using Social Media for Business Beginning Initially, social media was present as a medium for communicating and interacting with other people online . However, business people see the potential of social media to become a platform to promote their products or services. There are several things that make business people interested in using social media as their promotional platform , namely: It’s free, business people only need to create an account and can immediately do promotions.

Using Social Media for Business Beginning

Easy to use, promotional content can be poste just by remembering and clicking the post button . Easy management, system updates can be obtaine by business people by updating applications without maintenance costs . Getting direct feedback from consumers, businesses can directly interact with consumers because of the comment and direct CL Leads message features . Reaching a broad market, businesses can reach a broad market by using hashtags that are relevant to their products or services. Of the many advantages that business people can get from promotion on social media, there are also some disadvantages, such as: The limited platform netherlands phone number design , you can’t change the appearance of the account so business people must create content designs that reflect the character of their business.

Businesses Also Need a Website


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The platform is not flexible , only able to attract consumers with successfully uploade content and cannot build an e-mail list . Limitations of control, businesses cannot control what comments may appear on content that has been uploade. Businesses Also Need a Website In addition to social media, a business also needs a website . The website is well- known as a digital marketing platform that can be customize according to the company’s image and products or services. With a website , your business will seem more professional. Here are some of the advantages that you get if your business uses a website : Helping branding activities , business people can introduce their business values ​​through the page or articles on the website while building a positive corporate image.

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