In the Post-star-makingLithuania Cell Phone Number Era, Is There an Opportunity

In the first place, The star-making era has enter the second half, and it seems that the domestic video social network has usher in an opportunity, but the post-star-making era is fac with the dilemma that there are more stars Lithuania Cell Phone Number  than fans… In the era of social popularity, when Facebook and Twitter began to pay attention to refin social services. Such as video social Instagram and Snapchat, the domestic Twitter imitation Weibo was still at its peak. Because others are ahead, it is easy for domestic video-bas social networking to be “benchmark”. And anything you do is consider to be following.

The Star-making Lithuania Cell Phone Number  Era Has .

However, the In app, which is often compar to Instagram, has recently done something different from Instagram: the world’s most influential beauty pageant, “Miss Universe”, has enter the platform. As the star-making era enters Lithuania Cell Phone Number  the second half, in the matter of star-making, domestic video social networking may have an opportunity to catch up. And In apps have already begun to try. Star making has enter the post-era, and the logic has chang What, Why, and How are the three basic logics for answering questions, and making stars is no exception. In the first half. Everyone was discussing How—how to make stars. In those traditional high-profile fields, such as beauty pageants, in addition to Miss Universe.

The in App, Lithuania Cell Phone Number Often Compar.

As soon as, Miss World Model, etc. are intensifying, the production of beauties is like a factory. And the grassroots online, from Tieba, Weibo, to the later Douyu YY Panda live broadcasts. To Kuaishou, Miaopai, and Volcano videos. The Lithuania Cell Phone Number  star-making is also higher than the wave: Jia Junpeng and Ye of Tieba Liang Chen, Xue Zhiqian and Aikreli from Weibo. A Leng and Feng Timo from live broadcasts, Papi Jiang and MC Tianyou from short videos and so on. The question of how to make stars has been solv.

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