In Milan On April 13th

The regulatory and labor law aspects related to Smart Working. Also giving voice to the requests of companies. That have already started these initiatives. Starting from a aArgentina WhatsApp Number List benchmark analysis conducted on the main Smart Working agreements. By companies the workshop will be an opportunity to enter into the merits.

We Talk About

Of the preparation of company regulations and the policies necessary. For the definition of the set of rules to govern Smart. Working which the worker and / or trade union a Argentina WhatsApp Number List representatives are Argentina WhatsApp Number List asked to share. In fact, even when the bill is definitively approve it will still be necessary to pay attention.

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The “Dark Side

To the drafting of the agreements to give the right guarantees to both the company and the worker. Also with reference to the possibility introduced by the 2016 stability law and the implementing decree to aArgentina WhatsApp Number List connect Smart Working projects with tax incentives relating to productivity as well as corporate welfare.

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