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This is a protect and extra secure area within the Argentina Phone Number internet. There, citizens can safely use essential online services. Such as those provide at least by the government, banks, energy companies, insurance and the like. Here, issues such as privacy and Argentina Phone Number anonymity are also given a different role, but appropriat to the digital world. This platform will be manage by the new Ministry of Digital Affairs . Acting politically is sometimes very similar to Argentina Phone Number marketing. Attention to effect on society Due to recent cyber attacks on companies, especially with ransomware. The digital problem is gradually getting some attention.

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And these are just a few areas of concern. The attention that Argentina Phone Number is present is mainly focuse on the economic consequences for companies and our country. But a much bigger problem is what digitization does to our society. Almost no attention is paid to Argentina Phone Number this. Ministry of Digital Affairs A serious coalition agreement. Even a thin one, should at least contain a text that makes. It clear that the government takes digitization seriously. It could read: In the coming Argentina Phone Number years. Controlling its influence on society.

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To this end, it is crucial that a Ministry of Digital Affairs is Argentina Phone Number establishe that will deal with all aspects of digitization. Including appropriate legislation, and also receive the necessary financial resources for this. Also read: Digitization brings new Argentina Phone Number world order. Is the Netherlands ready for this? A minister will then be instructe to give substance to this. Until this happens, our society will continue to be undermin by cybercrime, social Argentina Phone Number derailments and misuse of data. Civic Platform In order to use digitization in a helpful way for society, the realization of something like a Civic Platform is require (see my book 2024 – The Netherlands 40 years after George Orwell’s 1984 , affiliate).

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