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The good things that happen to our students. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that , student of the master in digital health at  business school , has obtained the award for healthcare innovation in the category of healthcare management from the de university. Yolanda, a graduate in medicine and specialist in the digestive system, has been recognized thanks to her innovative project in which a telematic consultation has been implemented to improve accessibility and patient care.

Meet Yolanda Torres and Her

Innovative project! Index of contents meet and her innovative project! Therefore, of all, congratulations on the award you just received.  What do you Guatemala Phone Numbers contribute to the health management of the hospital where you work? How did the idea come about? We know that it is a project that favors communication with the patient, but… what benefits are there from the point of view of hospital management? How does this translate into economic impact? As a student of the master in digital health.

How Important Do

You see the union of health + technology? Therefore, this occasion, has the master’s degree helped you carry out this project for which you have been awarded? Finally… can you tell us about your experience with imf business school? What has the master given you? Related training first of all, congratulations on the award you just received.  Many thanks. Therefore, after two years of intense work, you obtain national recognition for your work from an institution as prestigious as the university of alcalá de henares and the celgene chair.

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