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For the time being, little by little in the House of Azerbaijan Phone Number  Representatives. But the cabinet is still lagging behind. Lack of knowledge and experience about its influence on society plays a crucial role. The attention that is present is mainly focuse on the Azerbaijan Phone Number  economic consequences for companies and our country. But a much bigger problem is what digitization does to our society. Almost no attention is paid to this. The only viable option is a Azerbaijan Phone Number ministry with experts, people who not only understand the techniques, but also their impact on society. The crucial measuring point for whether digitization is taken seriously.

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Is therefore the rapid establishment of a Ministry Azerbaijan Phone Number of Digital Affairs. As long as that does not happen, mopping with the tap will remain Azerbaijan Phone Number open, and taking ad hoc measures again and again afterwards. Politics is like Azerbaijan Phone Number marketing Acting politically is sometimes very similar to marketing: understanding what the supporters want or need, have empathy and communicate well. It also means serving the target audience. But that is often too much to ask for politicians, then ego takes precedence over substance.

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The political climate in our country is Azerbaijan Phone Number  characterize by a large dose of public distrust of the government, but also by a lack of Azerbaijan Phone Number  trust between politicians and political parties. This forms a poor basis for an effective Azerbaijan Phone Number  policy. For people with expertise, the risk of loss of a role within the current system is too great. So the question remains whether the digital subversion will continue. Or will a coalition agreement still be reache that tries to turn the ship around, before it is turn ashore?

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