How to Use YouTube Ads to Support SEM: A Step-by-Step Guide

You know you need them.

Yet, you may be struggling to determine if they provide tangible value and wonder whether there is even a way to track it.

More often than not, marketers lack the funds or resources for some fancy multi-touch/impression attribution approach.

And without that proof of how it impacts your bottom line – if they don’t convert directly – you can’t get the resources to support the effort.

So, let’s talk about the “poor man’s” approach to YouTube down-funnel impact.

How Can YouTube Ads Support Your SEM Efforts?

If you aren’t already on YouTube, you should be if for no other reason than this:

From January (pre-pandemic) to April (early pandemic), time spent on YouTube by consumers rose 26%.

That means there is more Pakistan Mobile Number opportunity to get your ad ingrained into a viewer’s head.

Let’s be clear: aside from YouTube Shopping ads (a.k.a., TrueView for Shopping), last-click conversions/sales are incredibly low and likely not going to turn you a profit.

If you think they will, you’re as optimistic as me believing each year that the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl in my lifetime.

They will not. Just accept it.

But that doesn’t mean YouTube Ads aren’t beneficial to your brand approach in other ways. You just need to find a way to confirm it.

The Objective

Pakistan Mobile Number

Translate your ranking goals into additional non-brand organic traffic. With all the key variables needed to get reliable outcomes.

Simple: You’re laying the groundwork for brand awareness for new consumers to hit your brand keyword over your more expensive non-brand keywords.

In addition, you are aiding a viewer in connecting your brand to a specific vertical with the reinforcement of a non-brand keyword.

Inversely, SEM can also give you a non-scientific but insightful baseline about how impactful your video ads are on consumers.

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