How To Really Drive Action

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) crowd is able to leverage these to boost their audience’s actions. When it comes to advertising content, there may not be much we can do to actively influence our search audience. Barring a screaming title (not allowed), all we have is a limited set of characters. We can make each of these characters really work by channeling our in-house CRO expert. Before jumping into the words that work, let’s take a few minutes to understand the psychology of decision making. What makes us choose X instead of Y? What explains our decision to opt for free shipping rather than 10% off our order? The fact is, we can influence our audience with smart and effective ad copy. Here’s how. We think like lizards OK OK.

And hormones and the reptilian brainĀ  which governs basic

Is anyone else appalled to learn that our decision-making most often resides in our reptilian brain?! We may think we’re logical and process-oriented, but that’s just a Senegal WhatsApp Number List story we tell ourselves – because our true instincts come from an instinct we’re not even aware of. When it comes to decision-making, we are more lizard than human. Our reptilian brain is driven by five areas of consciousness: pain, emotion, fear, ego and contrast. These five awareness areas are key to influencing your audience with actionable ad copy, so let’s explore how. 1. The pain is real Much of our willingness to buy comes from problems, whether big or small.

We choose a quiet restaurant over a loud restaurant because

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We choose a quiet restaurant over a loud restaurant because of the agony of not being able to have a conversation about the din. Pain is the main driving force. Our ad copy can grab attention and provide resolution with our product or service. For example, most of us have had to clean up a garbage-related mess in our homes at some point – usually when we’re most tired or late or wearing the nicest clothes. It’s never fun and never at the right time. If you sell trash bags, reminding people of this painful period can be an effective tactic:




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