How to Overlay Photos to Add Layers

Whether on social media or on album covers, photo overlays are everywhere these days, and for good reason not only do they let you overlay two photos or frames to create interesting new images, but theyre also more engaging. Not only do they allow you to overlay two photos or frames to create interesting new images with transparency, but they are also more eyecatching than a single image alone. If youre wondering how do I overlay my photos, youre in luck. Our photo editor gives you the opportunity to transform your own images with a wide range of overlays. 1. How to create a photo overlay with meitu xiuxiu ready to add an overlay to your image to get started, go to a photo editor and open an image of your choice.

Save Your Photo Overlay

This will form the base image below your photo image manipulation service overlay. Step 1 navigate to overlay click overlay in the main menu on the left side of the screen. This will bring up all the photo overlay categories for you to choose from. Just choose the category you like. In this example, we have selected the category brushes. Step 2 choose an overlay click on an overlay option to see how it will look on your image. Youll also notice that when you click on an effect, three options are available. Settings, allowing you to change the effect further cancel, to cancel the selected effect and apply, to apply the effect asis.

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Create transparent images the easy way

You can also use the slider to adjust the intensity of the CL Leads effect. Step 3 make adjustments clicking on the colored square allows you to change the background color of your remaining image, outside of the overlay. The opacity slider lets you adjust the visibility of your background image, while the size increases or decreases the size of your overlay. You can also use the rotation slider to rotate the overlay on your image, or adjust the blur slider to blur the background of your original image. Finally, you can adjust the shadow slider to add shadow to the exposed areas on the overlay, giving it depth. Step once youre done editing your photo overlay, just tap save at the top of the screen and choose where you want to save it.

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