How to Make YouTube SEO for Beginners

Before discussing in more detail how to make YouTube SEO for beginners, you can first learn what YouTube SEO is and how to optimize it by reading the previous article.

How to Make YouTube SEO

In the previous article, we have provided information regarding these SEO optimization steps. Here we will share information on how to make YouTube SEO:

The first step, you must research what keywords are suitable for your video and are currently trending or hype.
The second step, you can make a video by paying attention to the needs of your audience. There are so many types of videos that you can upload, both video tutorials, personal blogs, discussion games, podcasts and others. The most important part is video editing, which you make as interesting as possible so that it can steal the attention of the audience. Start adjusting the video in terms of shooting quality, transitions, audio, VO, and phone numbers in germany others so that the uploaded videos also have quality.

The third step, you have


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to do metadata optimization. Doing this metadata optimization means that you have to insert keywords related to the video in the title of your video. In addition, you should also maximize the creation of video descriptions and use appropriate tags. Before uploading, make sure the title of your video file is made according to the title of the youtube video that you created. You can enter these keywords in the File Title,

Description, and Keyword. Now in the description section you can also make a lot of related information about the video you want to display on your YouTube channel.
The fourth step, you can promote the videos that you upload to your YouTube channel by using the social media you have such as WA, Instagram, Tik Tok, Line, Facebook and others that support the existence or existence of your work.
The last step you can take advantage of is the Youtube Analytical tool by using this feature so you can find out how many clicks on your video and many others.
How about this, you must have understood well about YouTube SEO both from its understanding and from the technicality itself.

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