Understand How the Facebook Algorithm Works

Facebook is a social media platform with the most users access. This of course makes anyone competing to understand what kind of content can attract a large audience. The working system in Facebook itself uses an algorithmic system. This system often changes from time to time. This of course makes it difficult for users to guess what kind of content will be able to attract a large audience. As users, especially those of us who often sell on the platform, we must follow the development of algorithms for at least the last year. This is intended to make it easier for us to attract the audience. What is the Facebook Algorithm.

What is the Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is a system or policy that regulates and determines the appearance of each post along with the order that it will appear on the Facebook homepage. Within Facebook itself there are many algorithms involve in the operating system. This system uses machine learning technology With this technology, Facebook is able to predict what type of content users like base on user activity on Facebook so far. So that the content that appears on the homepage is the most suitable content and the most users like. The goal is to increase user interaction with these contents This year there are 4 factors that you must pay attention to because they have an influence on the algorithm assessment Inventory Inventory is the amount of content that can appear on a phone database list user’s homepage, usually inventory depending on how active the user is in scrolling.

How the 2021 Facebook Algorithm Works


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Signal In this factor, Facebook collects information relate to content such as the type of content, who is the author and others Prediction On this factor the algorithm will conclude base on user behavior such as content that brings positive reactions from users CL Leads Also read: 5 easy steps for organic Facebook optimization Relevancy score The higher the value of a content, the more relevant it is to users, the higher the relevance value, the more likely it is to appear on the homepage How the 2021 facebook algorithm works Collect all posts available on the user’s network and then evaluate each content base on a common signal ranking Then Facebook gets rid of posts that do not get user engagement base on information from user behavior.

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