How does user operation conduct data analysis?

My name is Tingting. It has been more than half a month since I last posted. Recently, Tingting was tortured by various data and became very bald. Of course, I became bald and (not) stronger. In this process, I have experienced all kinds of pains and sufferings of data processing by operators, so I would like to take advantage of my previous experience to briefly discuss with you how operators should conduct data analysis.

Maybe many people have a headache when they hear data analysis (me too, bald), and are not good at dealing with data by Saudi Arabia Mobile Number nature. I thought that after graduation, I would no longer have to touch all kinds of digital-related things, but I didn’t expect to embark on the road of operation, and it was even more inseparable from data, and I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. Therefore, today I will talk to you about how operators can perform data analysis to be the most efficient and to better serve the business.

What is data analysis?

Generally speaking, user operations and product operations have a relatively high demand for data analysis. After all, many ideas and ideas need to draw some conclusions from the data, so that they can better implement and implement their ideas in the future, and also need to be based on past data. The model does a good job of estimating the data. Although Saudi Arabia Mobile Number content operation also requires data analysis, relatively speaking, it relies more on intuition and experience, and it is difficult to directly quantify and evaluate content. Of course, being able to do a good job in data analysis can actually add a lot to the production and distribution of content.


Therefore, what I will talk to you about is more about user-operated scenarios, how to conduct data analysis as user-operated operations.

 Crowd-seeking analysis

What exactly is data analysis? Data analysis may vary in different scenarios. Generally speaking, data analysis as a user operation may be divided into the following categories:

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This type of analysis focuses more on the analysis of user characteristics, hoping to find commonalities from the characteristics of a certain group of people, so as to better understand these users. Our common xx crowd user portrait analysis, activity crowd analysis, etc.

The core user of this type of analysis is Saudi Arabia Mobile Number the particularity of some users, so as to better specify user operation strategies. For example, if we want to analyze the renewals of member users, we will look at the difference between the users who have renewed and those who have not renewed after the expiration, and see which factors affect the user’s renewal, and the user is more It tends to complete the action of renewing at what time and in what scenario, so that the subsequent strategy will affect the users who have not renewed the subscription to a greater extent.

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