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But in 2022 you can certainly expect more content Brazil Phone Number types in Google Discover, such as vacancies, stories, products and even TikTok videos. The interesting thing about Google Discover is that your products will be proactively shown to people who view Brazil Phone Number many similar products. Your reach in Google is therefore no longer limited to just people who search for your products themselves. Google Discover on smartphone. Google Discover (Image source: Google ) 4. 200% more focus on e-commerce Google feels the hot breath of Amazon and on its neck. More and more Brazil Phone Number users start their search directly on those platforms. And of course Google doesn’t want that to happen just like that, because that means less advertising revenue. So they are going to bet a lot more on the quality of their e-commerce queries.

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So that people continue to use Google to start Brazil Phone Number their search. For example, the search engine will show more products with images. And that no longer in the traditional Google Shopping carousel, but in a list in several layers. In addition, reviews and tips Brazil Phone Number about the product will be highlighted even more. Google search ecommerce. Local SEO will also have to keep up with the focus on e-commerce. In the US it is already possible to give the stock of your Brazil Phone Number physical stores to Google. In this way they can show the user which products are in stock at nearby stores.

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This therefore offers serious added value for Brazil Phone Number omnichannel players who sell both online and offline. 5. Faster indexing via APIs A while ago, Bing and Yahoo announced they were using the IndexNow protocol . This would allow you to (re)index URLs Brazil Phone Number much faster by “pinging” search engines via that protocol. But the big question is, of course, will Google jump on that bandwagon? Google already uses an indexing API for jobs and live streams, but you Brazil Phone Number can’t use it outside of that. It would of course be nice if Google cooperates with IndexNow in 2022. It often takes days until new pages are indexed, especially for smaller websites.

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