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ETAs went live for everyone at the end of July. The new ad format has revolutionized the way advertisers write text ads since AdWords’ inception over 15 years ago. The transition hasn’t been smooth google has pushed the limit on being able. To edit and add standard text ads until january 31 2017 after seeing slower-than-expected adoption of the new. Longer text ad format. There was the headline truncation kerfuffle.

Will be the year we really see the performance of

2017 will be the year we really see the performance of ETA. Early results have been mixed, with some advertisers seeing dramatic increases in click-through rates and others seeing, well, meh. Bing China WhatsApp Number List  also added support for ETAs and rolled them out globally in October for much-appreciated parity between the two platforms in this area.

The introduction of ETAs was made possible, of course, by the removal of text ads in the right rail on desktop, which also allowed the desktop to echo the layout of mobile results. It was quickly pointed out that longer titles and description copy in ETAs also helped make text ads even more like organic listings. And speaking of making ads blend into their organic surroundings, let’s not forget that 2016 was the year of the green advertising label. Green has replaced yellow in ad labels next to display URLs in text ads, which are also green like their organic counterparts.

Now for two announcements that generated

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Now for two announcements that generated a ton of interest but essentially had no impact this year. First, the redesign of Google AdWords. Some advertisers have alpha access, but there’s still a lot missing before the new look is ready for prime time. Still, that didn’t dampen interest in some of the new design’s very practical visualizations. We’ll have to wait until 2017 to get the full material design. Treatment that google merchant center and adsense got this year. Second microsoft buys linkedin. This year that discussions about advertising scenarios were already taking place shortly after the launch.

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