High-end Crowd”: a Kuwait Cell Phone Number  Superstition of China’s Internet

In the first place, In the author’s opinion, the success of Internet products is negatively relat to the high-end people they serve. What do you think about this? When discussing Internet products and companies with people, you must Kuwait Cell Phone Number  have heard this point of view: “Although XXX has many users/high DAU/large traffic. There are not many high-end people among them, so the value is not great.” The first thing to understand is that when people say “high-end people” at this time. They often refer not only to people with more personal assets. But also to people with higher social status and higher cultural level.

In the Author’s Kuwait Cell Phone Number Opinion, the .

However, For example, last year, the news of the “relocation banquet” held by the villagers of “Yangji Village” in Guangzhou was very popular. It is said that this demolition has demolish thousands of “multi-millionaires” who own Kuwait Cell Phone Number  multiple sets of properties in Guangzhou. There are many things like this in Guangzhou alone. And more in the whole country. So there are many such people, not only that. But also many industrial, business, rich second-generation… They certainly have money. But their habits of using Internet products may not be much different from ordinary people. So, the question is, do the so-call “high-level. High-income” users really mean that much to the Internet.

For Example,  Kuwait Cell Phone Number Last Year, the News.

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As soon as, In fact, the development of the Internet to date has proven to be nothing more than the following profit models: advertise Online games / virtual goods / value-add services E-commerce shopping O2O transaction (takeaway, taxi) View from top to bottom. Advertising has little to do with high-end or high-end. Or even Kuwait Cell Phone Number  negatively correlat. Obviously, the higher the social level, the less influenc by advertisements, and the less they like to click on advertisements. In the era of traditional media, although the circulation of high-end reading materials was small, the unit price of advertisements was high, because the “net worth” of the audience was relatively high.

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