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Recently, a group of Internet celebrity restaurants such as Hey Tea, Fun Tea. And Huang Taiji have risen up, and have attract capital. What is the business logic behind the rapid fire of these Internet celebrity restaurants? The article analyzes  Croatia Cell Phone Number  this from the perspectives of capital. Model, trend and consumption upgrade. In the “Internet + catering” industry. There is never a shortage of storytellers. From the so-call 5 million yuan to buy the “God of Cooking” secret recipe, the brisket of Diaoye, to the Huang Taiji pancakes made by China’s “KFC”. To the later Xi Shaoye Roujiamo, Zhang Tianyi Fu Niu Tang Rice Noodles, Calling a Duck Roast Duck and so on.

Recently, a Group of  Croatia Cell Phone Number  Internet .

Entrepreneurs from the Internet/advertising and other industries who have cross borders to play catering and play “dimensionality ruction attacks” have been like crucian carp crossing the river in recent years. These online celebrity restaurants with innovative business operations and avant-garde marketing are all so popular that  Croatia Cell Phone Number  they wait for a flop when they open. But in the end they cannot survive the “short-liv” cycle of decline in two or three years. Recently. A new online  tea brand call”Starbucks in China” has emerg – “Hey Tea”. After swiping through our circle of friends. Will it also disappear like a comet like the “seniors” above? The result of the problem is unknown and nees to be given time, but why is the case of “Hey Tea” worth taking out by Allen for analysis today? This is because under the general trend of “consumption upgrading” in the whole of China, “Hey Tea” has achiev something that the “precessors” above have not done – breaking through a single user circle (such as the Internet).

Entrepreneurs From  Croatia Cell Phone Number  the Internet/advertising.

Croatia Cell Phone Number
Croatia Cell Phone Number

The popularity of “Hey Tea” is not an illusion of “self-healing” in a niche circle. But the category, model. And the rapid changes in current consumption concepts have all caus the emergence of the next “hey tea” in the field of tea. The huge imagination space of Starbucks” and “KFC”. All of this has made the capital market rush. In the  Croatia Cell Phone Number  following, Allen will analyze from the perspectives of capital, model. Trend and consumption upgrades – in-depth analysis of the reasons for the popularity of the new Internet celebrity “Hey Tea”. The reason for the popularity of capital Fuel by the wave of consumption upgrades: On July 14, 2016.

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