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Innovation You can quickly implement new ideas and Czech Republic Phone Number experiment with the various out-of-the-box tools that exist. Best-of-breed You can use the best tools for every functionality. With ‘all-in-one’ packages, there are always parts of the solution Czech Republic Phone Number that. Do not work as well as alternatives in the market. Who is composable e-commerce for and how do you get started with it? A strategy based on microservices is currently mainly use by Czech Republic Phone Number larger companies and retailers such as Grand Vision, Netflix, Autoscout24 and Audi. For most SME companies. MACH solutions will be out of reach for a while. The implementation of this headless solution is initially complex and expensive.

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In the long term, you will reap the benefits of more Czech Republic Phone Number flexibility. Lower complexity and lower costs. But in the short term, it requires an investment in strategic vision. Internal and external IT resources, and initial platform setup costs. Many Czech Republic Phone Number companies will therefore first have to undergo a digital transformation. Slowly grow towards composable commerce. Vue Storefront Vue Storefront However, even as an SME you can Czech Republic Phone Number already familiarize yourself with the subject matter for the future. If you are going to switch to a new e-commerce platform, for example, it is important to choose a platform that unlocks its functionalities and data via APIs.

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Both Shopware and Magento are a good choice without Czech Republic Phone Number having to opt for the more complex tools, for example. In this way you open your platform to the future and you can, for example, see per functionality whether you arrange this via a Czech Republic Phone Number best-of-breed SaaS solution or via a functionality within the ecommerce platform Czech Republic Phone Number itself. You then end up with a kind of hybrid solution that helps you on your way. Developing a headless frontend such as Vue Storefront is also a good exercise to embrace flexibility in your e-commerce strategy.

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