Grouping Friends on Facebook Is It Mandatory

How many friends do you have on Facebook? If you have a lot, then this is a good time for you to group your friends on Facebook. By using a group of friends, you will get a valuable experience while making it easier for you to manage your Facebook account later. In short, just by grouping your friend list on Facebook, you will get several uses, which include: By grouping your friends list, you can hide your online status from certain people you don’t want when you’re actively using Facebook. Makes it easy for you to set the privacy of your Facebook account.

How to Group Friends on Facebook

Such as setting who can see your photo album, setting who can see your friends, and who can see your latest status and wall history. How to Group Friends on Facebook? 1. Make a Friend Group List The first way is to make a list of friendship groups first through the chat facility. Actually, the method is almost the same as when you want to close a friend on Instagram. You can be as creative as possible according to your wishes. 2. Entering Your Friends to Friends List The get a korean phone number second way is to enter your friends to the friend list page, for the steps you can see below, as follows: Please log-in first to your Facebook account When you are on the homepage or at home.

Entering Your Friends to Friends List


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The next step is to click on the friends menu on the left side bar of Facebook or go to the link below How to Edit the Friend List on Facebook When There Are Changes? It’s a very easy thing, first of all you have to log-in on your Facebook. After logging in, please CL Leads go to the following link Then next to friendship photos, you can select “edit list”. Easy isn’t it? Actually, Facebook’s playlist lies in making friends lists in each other’s groups. That way, you can pick and choose which ones you should pay attention to and which ones you should allow. It is to absorb all the personal information that has to do with your life. For the rest, visit the Campus Digital website.

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