Google Useful Extensions for Seo the Development of a Business

Natural referencing – more commonly known as SEO – is a central element in the development of a business. It has become essential to take it into account in a digital strategy. To help brands develop their positioning on the web, your SEO agency puts its expertise at the service of its clients. In order to complete this SEO work, extensions, which are available on Google, exist to Tunisia Phone Number List optimize it. They can be as useful for SEO professionals as they are for businesses. This first extension is used to obtain an estimate of the traffic that a web page generates and is free. It can also give key metrics for each site like engagement rate, traffic rate, keyword ranking, and traffic source.

The Number of Visits Per Month and the Sources of Traffic

Adding this extension to google will allow the person in charge of seo to have it. An overview of the statistics and the strategy of any website, all in one place. Similarweb can especially be useful in the context of Tunisia Phone number prospecting sites. Such as for net linking campaigns since it allows you to consult the total. Traffic generated by the sites, but also the geographical origin of the visitors. Similarly, it allows you to know how competitors are doing to generate traffic on their web pages, and thus adjust seo.

The Extension Simulates Search Results by Country

This extension also allows you to make recommendations on what to do. Moreover, it is possible to use it on any web page, whether public or not. An “SEO Audit” section has recently been added. This allows you to check the fundamental elements of a website that influence its natural referencing. This Chrome tool is for viewing international SERPs. Seo search simulator is therefore very useful for companies with a presence in the world. Who wants to know how a keyword is searched for in a particular country. Using this Tunisia Phone Number List extension is quite simple. Simply open it, enter the desired keyword, country, and language. Google displays local search results. I.E. Those that are displayed as for the internet user who is in the country in question.

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