8 Tips To Make Sure Your Google Profile Pictures

Images have become increasingly important in online presence and marketing. It seems rare that an article, email, ad, or social media post isn’t led by a hero image or graphic.

There is no doubt that images improve visibility, engagement and click-through rates. A study on Google+ concluded that posts with images were shared three times more than those without images. Similarly, Socialbakers reported that of the 10% most engaging Facebook posts (likes, shares, comments), 93% of them were photos. And research from brightlocal found that 60% of consumers. Agreed that local results with images grab their attention and influence decision-making.

The opposite is also true: a lack of images hurts

The opposite is also true: a lack of images hurts. Indeed, Expedia has used the threat of shooting images to gain leverage in business deals Venezuela WhatsApp Number List with hotel chains. This is a practice called gradation that reduces a property’s visibility. and market value in hotel listings served to users of the online site.

Expedia tries to prevent hotel chains from offering lower rates on their own branded websites than those given to online booking services. Pulling images from listings makes these hotels less appealing to a consumer and more likely to choose another hotel.

With such an emphasis on images, it’s somewhat surprising that

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With such an emphasis on images, it’s somewhat surprising that search has lagged behind in embracing images as part of the search result. The major US search engines, Google and Bing, usually return text results.  Yelp has profile pictures for virtually all of its listings. In response, Google started using logos or images in its “snack pack” local search results last year. Below is a summary of how and when images appear based on my personal search results over the past week:

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