What is the Function of a Search Engine Result Page

Maybe you’ve ever wondered, what is the function of the search engine result page (SERP) besides helping us in finding information? Can SERP help develop our website?

These questions will be answered in this article. But first, let’s find out the definition of search engine result page first.

What is a Search Engine Result Page?

A search engine is a machine or program whose job is to find and identify information in a database. The engine looks for information in the database that matches the keywords that the user has entered. The database contains the addresses and content of certain sites on the  World Wide Web  (WWW).

After successfully obtaining information, search engines will display the results. The result of that information is what we call the search engine result page (SERP). The better the quality of the search engines, the more relevant the business fax numbers list information that appears.

 General Search Engine Functions 


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In short, search engines  function to provide information based on the keywords that users enter. This function is in accordance with the way search engines work , namely to record, index, and register sites on the internet. This way of working is known as crawling .

Although not all active sites are in the  search engine index , many website owners deliberately let their sites be indexed by  search engines . The goal is for websites to appear in search results. This can also be one of the product marketing strategies, you know.

There are still other functions of the SERP. Check out the following explanation.

Indexing Addresses and Content on Websites

As we have learned above, search engines function to index the addresses and content of websites on the internet. That exist in search engines will crawl the internet and list websites through their  hyperlinked addresses .

However, search engines do not list all sites. The search engine result page only displays certain pages. The page is a site that has been given permission by the site owner .

Providing Information Through Keywords

The information we have obtained from the search engine result page certainly provides convenience for internet users.

Many people rely on search engines for information. Every day, more than 4 billion users perform searches on the Google search engine. That is, there are 40 thousand searches every second and will continue to grow as internet users increase.

Marketing Media

The function that most people use today is to use search engines as a marketing medium.

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The increasing number of internet users causes an increase in searches on search engines. This extraordinary increase makes search engines a fairly powerful marketing medium today. Users can search for anything through a search engine, including the product they want to buy.

To take advantage of this function, we need to create interesting content with the help of SEO so that the website is indexed by search engines. Then, just wait for the search engines to recognize it. Only then can our content appear on search engines and people can recognize our products.

In addition, we can also pay search engine providers to give priority to our site. In other words, advertise our brand or product. So, when users search using certain keywords, our brand can appear.

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