From the 1.0 Era Philippines Cell Phone Number to the 2.0 Era

The sustainable development of mini KTV is about the long-tail effect, rather than winning with temporary hardware profits or the number of placements. Mini KTV has seiz the three nes of the “loneliness economy”, fragment consumption. And the popular K-song boom brought by the introduction of singing Philippines Cell Phone Number  talent shows in recent years, and has become a sought after object by young consumers. Although the mini KTV has been in the market for a short time. it has penetrat into the streets and alleys. It can be seen in high-traffic places such as shopping malls, Subway stations, and video game cities. According to public data.

The Sustainable Philippines Cell Phone Number  .

There are many pain points in the mini KTV1.0 era, and the industry has usher in an upgrade inflection point Mini KTV has become a new trend last year due to the popularity of young people. Its profitability compar to other sharing projects, and the boost of capital. However, because most of the practitioners are cross-industry. The model is Philippines Cell Phone Number immature. And the industry competition is fierce. Various problems have arisen, resulting in a large loss of users in the later period. There are two major pain points in the mini KTV industry in the 1.0 era. First, singing is a mass entertainment activity with a very low threshold, which belongs to high-frequency rigid demand. Online KTVs such as National K Song and Sing Bar are widely sought after by users. In recent years .

There Are Many Philippines Cell Phone Number  Pain Points.

Philippines Cell Phone Number
Philippines Cell Phone Number

All have proven that people have a strong demand for singing products. However, due to the low-end hardware configuration and poor software experience, the existing mini KTV cannot provide users with a good karaoke experience, and cannot meet users’ nees for high-quality singing. There is still a lot of room for improvement in services. Second, because most of the practitioners are cross-industry practitioners and do not know Philippines Cell Phone Number  much about KTV products, coupl with the impetuous development of new industries nowadays, the design of mini KTV products has great defects. On the one hand, due to the unreasonable design, the installation and transportation of the machine are inconvenient, and there are potential safety hazards; on the other hand, due to the industry’s over-reliance on hardware for profit .

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