From Search-based Venezuela Cell Phone Number and Socialization

With the rise of the knowledge payment craze, the opportunity for online question and answer seems to be sprouting. But there is still some time away from the good “time”… Whether the content platform can become a traffic black hole. In Venezuela Cell Phone Number addition to its own characteristics. Is inseparable from the team’s combat capability and the strength of the capital behind it. But there is also a prerequisite that cannot be ignore – “time of day”. Online question and answer platforms are a typical example. In the first three decades of the Internet. People had no idea of ​​the content format of online question and answer. It was not until the end of the 20th century that several search engines appeare. And information grew in a fission-like manner.

With the Rise Venezuela Cell Phone Number of the .

The rich content world increase the screening cost of users. At this time. People began to realize their own needs for accurate information. The opportunity for question and answer is sprouting. But there is still a long way to go before Venezuela Cell Phone Number the favorable “time”. In the PC era, it was always tepid. At that time, platforms such as Tianya were only the world of a small group of elites. It wasn’t until last year that things really starte to change. The emergence of split-answer has ignite the content form of question and answer in the public sense, and people have begun to refocus their attention on the field of question and answer that was unknown in the past. The past life of “Q&A” Trying a future-proof product at an inopportune time won’t do any good, and at this point.

The Rich Content  Venezuela Cell Phone Number World Increase.

Venezuela Cell Phone Number
Venezuela Cell Phone Number

I have to thank Google for 10 years of explaining this. In 2002, the Korean NHN Company launche the first ever online question and answer community, Knowledge-iN, as a supplement to its search engine Naver. This novel content form has attracted Google’s attention, and they have “far-sighte” and further launche the paid expert Q&A Venezuela Cell Phone Number service “Google Q&A”. Obviously this is too early, users have not yet develope the habit of paying, and the Google Q&A project ende in failure. Still, Google’s attempt has drawn many imitators. In 2003, Answerbag, an online question and answer community in the Unite States, was born, and Yahoo Answers became the most popular question and answer community two years later. Domestically, “Sina loves to ask knowledgeable people”, “Baidu knows”, “Tencent Soso asks” and so on are all products of this period. The germination of the domestic Q&A market allowe Google to see an opportunity again.



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