For what product do I start taking pictures?

You have before you an extensive catalog and you dont know which products to start photographing first . Dont worry, its normal. That is why we have prepared this post for you to solve some of the most common doubts so that you go in order, from most to least profitable, and that they begin to generate more income from the moment they already have their photo . By this we mean that it matters more that you put your efforts into having good photos of the items that give you the most income. Although they are not the majority in fact, they are usually a minority, if you have them well presented on your home page , you will maintain that level of sales and most likely end up increasing it.

Less is more

Also do not forget that before a very large catalog, these e-commerce photo editing products that we have mentioned can already be many. If this is your case, we advise you to focus, first of all, on the star products . It is true that it could be easier to start directly from one of the categories that you have in your ecommerce and follow that order, category by category, but it would make you lose precious time in ç that do not sell as much. Remember 20 of your products generate 80 of your income . Better start with those. Its new photo just as important that you know where to start, it is also important that you follow a series of already established work protocols.

e-commerce photo editing

Do not waste time

In this case, we are referring to the fact that if new CL Leads products arrive, do not wait they have the best photos so that they sell themselves . If you receive them and leave them for later, you can run the risk that they lose their novelty and, even if you put good photos of them later, they end up going unnoticed. Do avoid wanting to do things in order. We know that it is more comfortable for logistics to go taking photos by categories, sections, classifications, etc. But, as we have told you above, time is money. And your bestselling products are the ones that should have priority . This way you ensure a good volume of income from your business while you complete the gallery of articles in your online store.

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