For Digital Traceability

The workshop will be held by collaboration between the division. Of the Decade group specialized in ICT recruiting and Oracle University. The division of the Armenia WhatsApp Number List multinational that deals with training offers. Was create to encourage the integration of  and  people into the world of work .

Against Counterfeiting

With specific training on technological skills. Oracle 22 Apr 2016 Editorial board To train Armenia WhatsApp Number List professionals with specific skills on Oracle technologies . This is the spirit with which the Armenia WhatsApp Number List collaboration between Modis Italia , the division of the Adecco group specialized in ICT recruiting, and Oracle University .

Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Of Made In Italy

The Italian division of Oracle Italia that deals with training was born The agreement is part of Oracle’s Workforce Development Program which aims to facilitate the Armenia WhatsApp Number List insertion or return of the unemployed or the unemployed, as well as to disseminate technical and digital skills on key technologies such as Java and the 12c Database .

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