Flush APP Product Analysis (Part 1): Market and User Analysis

The recent novel coronavirus epidemic has been severe, and all walks of life have been affected to varying degrees. Reflected in the stock market, the market has experienced relatively violent shocks. The ups and downs of the stock market have attracted more attention, attracting a large number of new investors who want to enter the market, and the downloads of corresponding third-party securities service applications have also experienced a large short-term increase. As an author who is also a stock market novice, I try to conduct product analysis on the “Short Flush APP”.

Macro market: stock market

Everyone is a product manager The author “Ning Que Thirteen” in his public article  mainly based on the statistical data of MobData Research Institute and Analysys Qianfan, has a good understanding of flush APP. A detailed analysis of the market boundaries and spaces of the company has led to a convincing analysis conclusion.

However, the article mainly uses the Thailand Phone Number statistical data of 2018 and before. Although objectively speaking, the market situation in one year is unlikely to undergo subversive changes, but considering the timeliness of the data and the rigor of the conclusions, this article chooses to supplement the November 2018 Part of the data from the month to date is verified.

 Flush is aimed at all valid stock traders, not only active stock investors.

Thailand Phone Number

Baidu index can well reflect the popularity of keywords:

Flush is basically the same as that of the stock market search index. The overall trend of the three is closely related to the change of the broader market index: since 2018.11.1 till now. When the search index has experienced a short-term surge. The market index has often undergone drastic changes.


2018.11.1-2020.3.9 Combination Chart of Shanghai Composite Index and Straight Flush, Stock, and

For example, the relevant Baidu index experienced a short-term surge around the Spring Festival in 2020, and during this period. Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, the broader market index plummeted. Although the follow-up index did not maintain a high level. The average level was also significantly higher than before the outbreak. And continued to fluctuate in a small and medium range, which is in line with the relatively large fluctuation of the broader market index recently.




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