Finding and Fixing Indexing Errors Using Google Search Console

Using the google search console (google search console) to identify and fix indexing errors is a crucial step in the entire. Seo process because if there are crawling or indexing issues. Google will not be able to index your website properly can negatively impact your rankings. The two tools available in the google search console are the index coverage report and the url checking tool. The indonesia phone number list first step to gain access to the tools is to add and verify your website with a google search console. If you have already done this, you can proceed to the next steps. The index coverage report is available in the google search console and shows.

The Index Coverage Report Is Available in Google Search

For each of the pages, you can get more details about the error and have the option to request. Google to re-index your web pages or your website as a whole. Below I will explain the topics covered in the google search. Console help page about the index coverage report. Thereby, the index coverage report replaces the “crawl errors” report previously available in google Indonesia phone number webmaster tools. Find errors with the index coverage reporting into google search console and select your primary domain from the dropdown (top left corner). Click scope under index to view. In the index coverage report at the top of the report, you will notice that there are 4 tabs.

Finding Errors With the Index Coverage Report

The troubleshooting process consists of two parts: The first is to detect errors Second, understand and fix errors. Directory Coverage Report You will notice that the errors are divided into categories. Possible indonesia phone number list values ​​are. For each error category, you can see the verification status. Trend, and number of affected pages. You can click on any row to see more details about the affected pages.  As mentioned above, errors are divided into 8 categories. And depending on the type of error, we may take a different path to fix it. How to fix “submitted url has crawl problem” errorsa. Crawl issue means that a page is problematic and google can’t index it.

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