Finally, companies that start their own business this year will

scale easily and quickly, as white labeling will give them many competitive advantages. Homepage Articles Marketing 4 Ways to Tell Google You’re an Expert Content Creator 4 Ways to Tell Google You’re an Expert Content Creator Posted: 2020-12-19 UPDATED March 2020. As an SEO, you know that Google is constantly changing. The list of “best practices” that worked in 2012 is dead and there are loads of changes with each passing year. The only tricky part? Google does not reveal its algorithms. And while they often update the algorithms, they don’t always reveal what exactly the updates are – or when they come out. So, a big part of the SEO industry is figuring out what these updates are and reviewing best practices for leveraging them to optimize a brand’s web presence and make sure they’re there. do not suffer penalties from Google.

At worst, a site may be removed from the Google index and

not appear in search results at all. The ranking power you’ve built up over the years suddenly disappears. Do not worry! In this guide, we’ll discuss a recent Google algorithm you’ll need to monitor and why this so-called “phantom update” is influencing your entire content Norway Phone Number marketing strategy. Check out: How to prepare your site for the new Google Page Experience update Click here to download it for free now! We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, VC-backed startups, and businesses like yours grow revenue faster . Get a free consultation What is the Phantom Update?

As we mentioned before, Google rolls out algorithm

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updates frequently and unexpectedly. When Google’s algorithms were simpler, tricks like keyword stuffing and other “black hat” techniques helped get a high-ranking website. But the first major update, Penguin, turned the SEO world upside down. Suddenly, techniques that had worked for years were obsolete, and websites dropped in rankings – or were penalized right out of the SERPS. Since then, each update, coupled with advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, has changed the way Google rates content. The Phantom 2015 update got its name because at first Google didn’t want to admit it happened. They buried their heads in the sand and failed to recognize the changes in their algorithm. But since then,

Gary Illyes, a Google webmaster trends analyst, said the. Phantom” updates simply meant a drastic change to Google’s entire ranking algorithm. Screenshot 2019 09 05 10.38.16 However, there is one interesting thing we missed in this story. Shortly after the first Phantom update was released, a copy of Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines was leaked, and they responded by releasing the entire document in November 2015. The document explained that in addition to evaluating user experience and penalizing sites for excessive pagination and annoying pop-up ads, Google also looks at who wrote web content. In other words, they want to know: does the author of each content actually know what they are talking about? Dive Deeper: * What is the Google BERT Search Algorithm Update? * What is Content Downgrade and How It Affects Your SEO * Google Search

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