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Why can we get more revenue from our existing Oman Phone Number customers? We already know them but they may not know our wider range of services yet. Behind the call for a new website, there appears to be another issue. It is about working on the visibility of services Oman Phone Number with existing customers, in order to achieve even more turnover from these customers. 3. What are the measurable goals of your program? We often confuse goal and strategy. If the goal is the end Oman Phone Number point of your program, strategy is the way to get there. If you can’t measure it, it’s not an objective Clarify your communication goals by making them SMART .

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Things to watch out for: It is possible that you Oman Phone Number translate goals well, but with too much focus on vanity outputs (for example: volume, impressions, shares, likes) instead of also outcomes and impact. By drawing up a measurement plan just before the Oman Phone Number start of the roll-out of your plan or campaign, you can make a gradation in KPIs, show the correlation between them and thus provide an even clearer insight into the effects of your Oman Phone Number communication policy on your target group. The measurement plan also immediately forms a debrief document to reach agreement with your (internal) client about what the joint communication assignment is and how you can make it measurable.

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Is it correct what we want to achieve together when Oman Phone Number we look at the business goals of the organization? When is this a success? Keep baseline measurements to determine especially realistic KPIs. And often forgotten, also map the context and the Oman Phone Number why – within those changes to the KPIs. One often has to do with the other and is not necessarily the result of your communication efforts. Think of underlying cultural trends, news climate, search behavior Oman Phone Number for your brand and motives behind social media engagement. I wrote about how you report about this before . 4. Do you have a budget for measurable communication? If you ask to make communication measurable, then (almost) everyone wants this immediately. But yes, measuring does cost money.

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