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Twitter is one of the social media that is still popular and is the prima donna by users of the virtual world, especially the younger generation. There is no doubt that this platform is often a ‘container’ for sellers to market their products. Social media Twitter has become one of the business platforms for sellers and buyers to make transactions. In general, Twitter presents products that are in the middle of hype . This is in accordance with their target market, namely young people. Recently, Twitter has just announced 3 new features for business.

Group Direct Messages For Marketing

These features further support Twitter as a social media platform for marketing tools for e-commerce merchants. Are you also part CL Leads of the seller group and want to optimize Twitter for business? If so, we will provide an explanation regarding the new features that can help you. business features for twitter Pile of 3d twitter logos Free Photo Here it is, 3 Twitter Features For Business! 1. Group Direct Messages This feature allows Twitter users to send messages to groups with a maximum number of 20 followers. For those of you who don’t know, direct messages russian telephone numbers are personal messages and will not be known by the public. This new feature further makes Twitter similar to other social media.

Quick Promote Ads Aspect to This


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However, this update can also add a public aspect to this application. In addition to encouraging interaction, this feature is also able to increase the insight of business owners to potential buyers. 2. Twitter Video This video feature is one of the new features released by Twitter. This update can also provide users with access to video creation, editing and sharing. But unfortunately the video is limited, which is only 30 seconds long. The main functions of this feature are: capture or create videos, edit, and share videos with followers. This feature is also able to support business owners to further optimize their content. 3. Quick Promote Ads The third feature is Quick Promote Ads.

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