Aspects of Business Feasibility Study

A business feasibility study is research that studies in depth a or to determine whether the business is feasible or not to run. In starting a business, it is important to make a business feasibility study. This is to determine whether the business that you are going to live in is feasible or not. There are several aspects that can be investigate in conducting a business feasibility study. The following aspects are flexible and adapt to your business needs. The aspects of the business feasibility study include: Also Read Aspects of Business Feasibility Study Legal Aspect This legal aspect is closely relate to the legal status of the business that you will live in. Both in the form of permits (location permits, business permits), taxes (NPWP) and other applicable legal provisions.

Economic and Cultural Aspects

This is so that the business being carrie out does not violate applicable laws, and can be legally protecte if another problem occurs. Economic and Cultural Aspects Relate to the economic and cultural aspects to see how much impact the CL Leads community will get from the business they are doing. Regarding the economic impact given, whether it can provide benefits to the income of the surrounding community, especially the welfare and income earne by them. While the cultural impact obtaine is relate to the effect given to the habits of the local b2b database companies in usa community, both traditional and local culture. Market And Marketing Aspects Market and marketing aspects cannot be separate from each other.

Technical And Technological Aspects


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This is because the market is the target of our while marketing itself is an activity to create or find a market. The main activity of course aims to sell goods or services using the right marketing strategy. Analysis in this aspect includes determining the segment, target and position of our product in the market. In addition, to find out the potential of customers that can be obtaine and determine the right strategy in doing marketing. Technical And Technological Aspects Technical and technological aspects are relate to the operational process and technical implementation when your will run later. In addition, it also calculates in detail the estimate costs neede from planning to operations that will be run.

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