Faced With the Transformation of New Media

In the cognition of many traditional enterprises, new media is equivalent to WeChat public account and Weibo; to transform to new media. It is to be an official account and open a Weibo to find people to operate it. But does this really work? During the recent rest period, I have been spending time writing articles and updating content. I really feel that it is getting more and more difficult to do one thing——The WeChat public account is very slow to gain followers. And the articles written with a lot of thought have no significant reading volume. And I feel very uncomfortable. However, there are many friends around me who have starte to devote themselves to the new media education industry. But I think this is really a bad business.

In the Cognition of Many Traditional.

When we often advise companies to transform into new media, they will guide them to open an official account, and then tell the company what WeChat editing courses, event operation courses, H5 courses, etc. you should study. Today, I want to talk to you from a different angle to talk about whether all enterprises are transforming into new media. It is really necessary to open one public account after another. And even spend a lot of manpower and material resources to build a new media matrix for enterprises. one When I was working in Beijing, I heard a colleague tell a story about the neighborhood she rente. Every month. My colleagues go to a small barber shop near the house to cut bangs. This shop is opene by an aunt in her 50s. The store is not big, but the business is surprisingly good. Aunt has many good habits.

When We Often Advise.

For example, she will look at your head shape and give advice on hairstyles, and the attitude of giving advice makes you feel that it is reliable;For example, when it is not your turn to get a haircut, the aunt will entertain you to sit and watch TV for a while;For example, when you have a haircut for the second time. The aunt will still remember how your hairstyle looke last time… All of the above are what a person who is serious about doing a small business will work hard to do. Auntie also does one thing, that is, every time she cuts her hair, she invites guests to her haircut group. This haircut group is also name after her small shop. Which is very similar to her fan group.

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