Facebook Launches New Audience Tool

Today, Facebook has launched a new tool that you can use as a Facebook-Marketing strategy. Facebook launched the new tool to benefit a brand in 2 (two) main ways, namely: Helps in reaching the audience most likely to engage with your content Provides better metrics to understand the audience groups involved and in what ways they are involved Audience Optimization has 3 (three) distinct, but related features: Preferred Audience Audience Restrictions Audience Insight We can take a closer look at these three features and how you can start using Audience Optimization.

Getting Started with Audience Optimization for Facebook

Audience Optimization makes it more likely for brands on Facebook to reach the right audience and gain valuable insights. Getting Started with CL Leads Audience Optimization for Facebook Marketing Audience Optimization for Facebook Marketing is not currently available for all pages. Only available on Facebook’s English page. If your page has more than 5,000 friends. Then Audience Optimization is active and the tool is available for you to use. If your page has less than 5,000 likes, then click the “settings” link in the top right corner of your Facebook page. From b2b email lists usa the “general” tab , you’ll see a line for “Audience Optimization for Posts”. Click “edit” and tick to enable it.

Preferred Audience Restrictions


b2b email lists usa


Audience Optimization for Posts When creating your post in publisher, click the target icon to use this feature. Preferred Audiences for This Post[/caption] Preferred Audience You’ll see what it looks like, as shown below: Preferred Audience So, you don’t choose to show posts only to your fans with certain interests . However, you will make them more likely for people to see them. So, you don’t choose to show  posts  only to your fans with  certain interests  . However, you will make them more likely for people to see them your posts.  Have been viewed by only certain audiences. Usually based on age, location, gender.

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