Facebook Features That You Can Use for Digital Marketing

First, nowadays, many people are creating ads with videos. Video ads on Facebook are cheap and attractive. More sticking than plain text and images, Facebook video ads make your customers remember your brand strongly and drive purchase intention. Just upload the video to Facebook’s native video player, adjust the description, thumbnail, budget and targeting, and move on. 2. Engagement ads on the homepage. Second is that Engagement Ads can help you create a facebook page that looks very popular to others. Facebook will only show this type of ad to people who are most likely to have a connection with your post such as reacting, adding a comment, or sharing your post.

Engagement Ads on the Homepage

The downside is that thousands of comments and reactions in the end are not very profitable but, Facebook with zero fan engagement always looks a bit suspicious. 3. Interest targeting. This feature can help you target customers who have an interest in buying goods or services for your business. You can reach more specific audiences such as their interests, their activities and the pages they have liked. You can target people who are interested in technology, sports, entertainment biz opp email lists and more. Facebook will help you with that. 4. Demographic target. As can be seen from the name, target demographic.

Demographic Target Carousel Ads


biz opp email lists


You can be targeted at your customers who are in a certain area, target age, gender, profession and many others related to geographic information. Facebook can also target your customers financially, if the goods you sell are expensive, Facebook can target people who can afford your products. 5. Carousel Ads. Carousel ads let you display multiple photos  or videos (maximum 10). Each photo and video can be linked to a different page on your website. You can CL Leads use some photos and videos to explain your business and promotion. That’s 5 Facebook features that can help in your business. May be useful. Want to know more about Facebook features that you can use for digital marketing? Come join us at Campus Digital .

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