What is Facebook Audience Insights

beginners As a platform with a very wide network, Facebook already has millions of user data. From this user data, Facebook develope Facebook ads as a marketing feature. To make it easier for entrepreneurs to conduct consumer research and determine marketing strategies, Facebook provides free tools in the form of audience insight. On this occasion, we will discuss what Facebook audience insight is. After understanding our audience insight, it will be easier to determine the target market and the right strategy to reap more profits What is Facebook Audience Insights.

What is Facebook Audience Insights

Audience insight facebook is a tool that will make it easier for you to learn information such as demographics, consumer habits, location and many other information relate to your target market. This tool also provides information about which users have like your page and commente on it, of course this is very meaningful for business owners so that it will be easier for you to determine what kind of content is interesting and which products are selling well in the market. In addition, you can build better relationships with users through posts and conversations. Creating a good relationship will make it easier for you to increase brand awareness also how do i get a korean phone number read: what is facebook ads blueprint? In this tool you will get information in the form of.

Benefits of Facebook Audience Insights


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Demographics: age, gender, lifestyle, education, language, etc Like pages: categories and hats that appeal to the audience Location: user’s place Activity: the number of ads they clicke on, the posts they commente on and so on Benefits of Facebook audience insights After knowing the definition of audience insight, we will discuss the CL Leads benefits of audience insight itself, see the explanation of the benefits of audience insight below Easy content customization As business owners, we often experience confusion about the content we will create. Not infrequently we also often find our competitors’ content that attracts more enthusiasts.

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