Facebook Advertising Transparency What Marketing Needs Know

Despite the fact that the cambridge analytica scandal. And the data leak on facebook was just over five. Months ago, the platform continues to take action. To regain user trust in this way, in another. Attempt to be more transparent the social network has launched. A new advertising transparency feature. What this new implement, which is taken more as a modification. Allows to see all the Kuwait Phone Number List ads that a page is running. This means that a business profile now has direct. Access from facebook and your admin to discover the exact number of ads your. Competitors are running to find the new advertising. Transparency feature you can access any facebook page that has. Ads basically any commercial brand that has constant activity. On the platform you have to look for the information.

The Page Is Running in the Version of the App Are Running

Mobile devices it has to be within the page whose ads you. Want to see just above the name of the page, is where. You will see a button with the information and announcements. It is there where there is access to the Kuwait Phone number¬†information. Of the page and the ads that it has active. The new transparency feature is great for users. By opening all the ads that a page is running they. Will be able to discover discrepancies or conflicts within. A campaign, target ads to an advertiser’s specific audiences. And learn about bigger discounts or promotions. For example, a facebook user can navigate to the information and ads. Section of a page and view all the ads to see if better deals are available. With this new feature a page can see the exact ads your competitors are running.

You Can Even Click the on the Ads Your Competition the Ads

Is maintaining to take you to their landing pages. Where you can discover your top targets. This means that they can now find the content. Offers, products and services that the competition is advertising. And be able to use it Kuwait Phone Number List as inspiration for their own campaigns. There are certain limitations of this new option. That reduce its usefulness for example. Although you can see the exact amount of advertisements from competitors. There is no other data available that can be obtained. Also most users probably don’t even know this feature exists. And if they do, they might use it once to see. What’s new in ads and then forget about it. And ads option to open the new feature showing the ads that.


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