Facebook Ads An Easy Way to Advertise for Beginners

Then how to advertise on Facebook and how much does it cost? The following is an explanation of how to advertise through Facebook Ads for beginners! Facebook Ads : 5 Tips to Improve Organic Search Facebook Ads | Create a Business Page If you don’t have a business page, you can create one first. But if you already have a business Facebook page, you can go directly to Facebook Ads Manager or business manager to manage my ads.

Choose According to the Business Target Market

The next stage will use a way to create ads on Facebook using Ads Manager Select the type of Facebook ad you want to use Well, for those of you who are still confuse and don’t know what types of ads are offere by Facebook. Here are some of the types of ads offere by Facebook that have different roles and functions. So you can adjust to the advertising needs of your business Page Post Engagement : The main function of this type of advertising is to increase the reputation or engagement of posts relate to business products. The content use can also be in the netherlands phone number example form of videos, text, website links, or offers that have been made previously.

Choose a Facebook Ad Placement Location


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Page Likes : As the name implies, this ad can be aime at maximizing the number of likes for your business fanpage. With so many Facebook users who like your product or business account, the more people will trust and like your business. This can CL Leads also minimize doubts and increase the confidence of potential buyers about the products you offer. A large number of likes will help the fanspage that you manage to appear in the news fee without having to pay money to Facebook. Click to Website : The mechanism of click to website is almost similar to page post engagement . But more focuse on directing the target audience to click on a website, there is a call to action button that will invite the audience to open the website page that has been intende.

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