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Maybe, and this is where it gets interesting. Understanding that people at google tend to give technically. Correct answers but not always in the spirit of the question asked. We can hear what is said as follows “Social networks are not taken into account as a direct signal when determining the ranking. It’s very different from not being a signal at all, for reasons we’ll illustrate shortly. Another aspect of google search that we need to be constantly. Aware of is that rankbrain now applies to all queries.

This basically means that artificial intelligence

This basically means that artificial intelligence (AI) interprets all queries to some degree. Whereas currently, AI implementation revolves more around using machine learning to understand the nature of the Japan WhatsApp Number List query (and the likely type of content and format being sought) , rolling it out to all queries, and promoting John Giannandrea to head of search at Google. the push into AI control over larger parts of Google’s algorithm. “Why is this important?” you might ask. The answer is that once machine learning and AI influence sections of the ranking algorithm – not just query interpretation – there will forever be factors, functions and results that even Google engineers won’t be able to fully determine.

The answers given by Google will no longer be based

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The answers given by google will no longer be based on. A truly conclusive understanding of what is going on. But rather on a better than average estimate – and the exact factors and their weights will not be fully known. I mention these elements to put into context the patent we will now discuss. Google was recently granted us patent 2016/0246789 a1 titled “research for prominent user. Content in social networks”. If that sounds incredibly interesting, that’s because it is. Willy wonka is bored of patents good! Let’s start. To make things clear I will go over some of the key points and sections of the patent. I’ll start with what they wrote and immediately follow that with. My interpretation of what it means in real english then discuss any implications for seos.



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