Examples of Successful Digital Marketing

Digital communication media covered in digital marketing include websites, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, or other communication media what is digital marketing, examples of digital marketing[/caption] It can be concluded that digital marketing is marketing a product through digital media The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Business In the business world, if many people know about the business you are running, they will get an advantage. Digital marketing itself plays a very important role in reaching a broad and practical market.

Examples of Successful Digital Marketing

Hubspot reports that Google can process 63 thousand searches every second. The number of searches for a business that we run on a search engine, it will also have an impact on passive sales sources for businesses that can rank first in Google search results. Therefore, companies are now competing in marketing their products on their website. The goal is for their website to be the first order in search results with the desired keywords. Also read about Marketing Promotion Mix in Increasing Sales Examples of successful digital marketing in their get philippines phone number fields 1. Tokopedia An example of successful digital marketing is Tokopedia.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Business


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Tokopedia is a marketplace company in Indonesia where many users have truste this marketplace for safe shopping media in Indonesia. Many people are familiar with this marketplace, apart from being truste, Tokopedia also offers many complete components for its users. This online marketing platform is able to read opportunities for other people CL Leads who want to sell. Of course, by paying attention to what is the need and also the support. Many people have use this marketpalce as a place to do business, now they don’t need to worry anymore about physical stores with quite a lot of capital. And it also helps buyers who can’t come to the store directly, they just have to choose the right item to buy and transfer it.

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