Examples of Interesting Sales Bio on Instagram

If you are a businessman who sells products or services on Instagram, you can beautify the appearance of your account bio so that you can achieve sales targets or turnover. The reason is that there are several techniques that you need in making a sales bio so that what you sell can attract potential consumers, you know. It is very important for you to know, actually posting a bio or short description on your Instagram account profile aims to introduce any products you sell as well as your online shop business contacts . Even though there are millions of Instagram users viewing your product, if your bio isn’t interesting, then no one will be interested in buying the product.

Bio Selling Boys Clothes

Right? So, beautifying the appearance of the Instagram bio is mandatory. So, how about an example of a good and interesting Instagram selling bio? Here are two examples of good and interesting Instagram selling bios. Bio Selling Boys’ Clothes The screenshot above is an example of a business Instagram account profile that sells men’s clothing. You can see that the things they put in their bio contain very informative information. There is an account name that they write clearly, namely Selling Local Men’s Distro fashion. There is also a short description that get argentina phone number reads Men’s Fashion All in one, Follow for updates on the latest pre-fashion models .

Bio Sells Accessories Hijab and Brooches


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In addition, there are also WhatsApp contacts that potential buyers can contact and payment methods that potential buyers can use if they buy products from this online shop . Not only that, they also include a link that can direct potential buyers to the CL Leads order page. Also read: Social Media Marketing: Today’s Marketing Techniques Bio Sells Accessories, Hijab and Brooches The Instagram profile bio contained in the screenshot above is indeed shorter than before. However, this kind of bio is very capable of attracting potential buyers. What makes the bio interesting? Yes, there are links and links that can direct potential buyers to a trusted marketplace.

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